Lawn Mower







Since last summer when he was just barely a year old, Jax has been infatuated with the lawn mower. And tractors. And bulldozers. And more recently, garbage trucks and tow trucks.

Last summer I would sit him in his high chair out on the back porch and leave him there to watch Grandpapa mowing the lawn.  We tried to get him to ride along, but the noise frightened him too much.  If the lawn mower was turned off, he would climb all over it.  But with it turned on, he shied away.

This summer, he was finally ready.  He doesn’t want to ride every week, but some weeks look just like this, for maybe 30-40 minutes until Jax either gets tired of riding, or gets tired and actually falls asleep in Grandpapa’s arms while they mow.

I went out with my iPhone to capture them together, then saw the morning light and the swirling dust in the air, and ran back inside for the real camera.

My dad is a hard worker and keeps busy with projects around the house and other things, so this shared activity is one where Jax gets to enjoy his company and cuddles.  It doesn’t happen every week, but when it does, it always warms my heart to see them with their hats and glasses (and more recently, blue medical masks because breathing the dust and grass was getting too much for both of them).

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