Exercises in Celebration: February

Our church holds an annual corporate fast for forty days every year. We each get to choose what we’re going to fast from, and what we will add to our lives instead.

This year, I fasted from Facebook and several blogs I read daily. For a few weeks, I couldn’t figure out what to add. Finally, an idea clicked from a book called, “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” by John Ortberg. It’s about spiritual disciplines, and the chapter I was reading was about the discipline of celebration. I decided to make a daily list of something that occurred during the day I could celebrate.

I didn’t start this practice until part-way through February, but here’s what have for the month:

2/12 Fun photo session with Isabel
2/13 Spending time with Benjamin tonight; receiving a nice email from Esther
2/14 Romantic hubby left conversation hearts and a card in my bed sheets for me to find
2/15 Found a great deal online for something I needed to buy anyway
2/16 Edamame is so good
2/17 Monday will be a holiday and an extra day off
2/18 Significant birthday today, amazing day, Mommy brought me flowers, my work bought me sushi lunch, my hubby took me to dinner and gave me a massage!
2/19 Sebastian mailed me two of his precious legos for my birthday
2/20 Fun and grueling 18-mile bike ride with Applegates
2/21 Completed a big video project I’ve been working on since August; talked to friend Melissa W. for two hours
2/22 Mommy came with me to run an errand to the grocery store, nice talking and being together
2/23 Benjamin got a firm job offer from Lockheed Martin
2/24 Mommy seems to finally be feeling better from a month-long illness
2/25 Yummy tapas dinner with old friends (Nathan and Rachelle) for the last time before they move away
2/26 First Saturday in years where I have NO business projects to work on
2/27 Invented a yummy new bread recipe
2/28 Benjamin’s first day at his new job

Analyzing the results now, it is almost like a diary entry. It is a brief chronicle of my daily life. It really has focused my attention on the positive (my default focus is the opposite). On days where I forgot to do it, I would usually remember a couple days later. I would even remember what the thing was I had wanted to celebrate, because I had kept it on my mind. This is so much more productive and peaceful than the worries I otherwise keep in my mind.

I’m going to try a few more months of it, and post the results. I think it’s good for me.