The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Imagine It

Our bedroom today
Our bedroom today
Our bedroom two years ago
Our bedroom two years ago
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My side of the office today (Benjamin’s desk not pictured)
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Our shared office two years ago



There’s a reason Marie Kondo titled her book, “The LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC of Tidying Up,” rather than “Tidying Up Your Home.” Her process, unlike any other I’ve used to organize my home, has been life-changing. God is responsible for my life-changes. And He’s using Marie Kondo as one of His instruments in my life.

This post is number three in my writing-processing of my journey through my home and myself using the method in Marie Kondo’s book. The other two posts are here:

Step One – Read the Book

Step Two – Deal With Your Own Stuff in Your Own Spot

The first step, according to Marie’s book, is actually to spend time thinking about, articulating, and writing down your ideal lifestyle and home, before beginning the tidying process. And by tidying, we do not mean cleaning (removing dust and grime). By tidying, we mean going through objects you own, in the way she describes.

We sort of did this exercise, but it was hard to put a finger on. The best I could do is an assortment of thoughts….

Spend less time cleaning.

Be less annoyed with clutter in home, and messes kids make.

Have more time available for playing with my kids.

Have more time available for things I would like to do, instead of things I have to do.

Not be  a slave to cleaning my own home.

Enjoy being in my home.

Be able to have guests visit without lots of time spent cleaning the house.

I didn’t write it down. And I gradually came up with this list of ideas as we went through the process. Now that we are 80% done, I would say that all of these have happened at least in part.

She says to write down these things in as much detail as you can. Not “have a cleaner house”…. but what would your life look like, if your house was cleaner? What would your life look like if you had extra time on your hands?

In her second book, “Spark Joy”, she unravels this concept a bit more, by suggesting finding a photo that represents your ideal home. Even if it isn’t a realistic or practical photo, if it strikes your heart as “THAT is a place I would like to live in”, that is the photo. She encourages readers to look through decorating or lifestyle magazines – a bunch of them all at once – and notice what you like, and if there are common threads. She suggests a person actually choose ONE photo out of all of them, and pin it in the home in a place to easily see it.

A friend hosted a little party for some of us in the KonMari process, to do just this. Some women were able to find just one photo. I couldn’t. I like an eclectic variety of things, and wouldn’t want every room in my home using the same style or color scheme. I did find lots to like on Pinterest, and a few in the magazines, and made a board of them. I reviewed everything I pinned, then narrowed it down a little.

I learned some things as I observed others choosing and discussing, and observed my own internal responses to photos of various styles of homes.

I learned that I like almost entirely neutral rooms, with little splashes of color. I like white (not ivory) walls. I am drawn to cool blues (like aqua and navy), warm yellows, and bits of rich red (not all in the same room). I like geometric type patterns, rather than prints (for example, stripes not flowers). I like visual and tactile texture.

Here are two Pinboards I have for my home.



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